The 2021 Honda Odyssey Is Here!

Yes, that's right, the 2021 Honda Odyssey is now available at T&T Honda. Learn more about it below and book your test drive today.

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For more information and an overview of the latest updates, features and trims of the 2021 Honda Odyssey, why not listen to our podcast below with the GM of T&T Honda Calgary. Alternatively, you can watch the YouTube video or read the transcript below.

Transcript of T&T Honda Podcast Episode 3: 2021 Honda Odyssey Review

Emma: Welcome to the T&T Honda podcast. Whether you're buying a new or used vehicle servicing and maintaining your current vehicle or following the latest trends in the auto industry, T&T Honda is steering you straight. Thanks for listening. And let's get on with the show. Today we're talking about the Honda Odyssey. Navroz, when is the Honda Odyssey going to be available, the 2021 model?

Navroz: They've actually started to land already. We've received our first shipment. We've got a couple already, so it's pretty cool.

Emma: Nice. So they're already sitting on the lot ready for some test driving?

Navroz: You bet, we've just prepared one for a test drive, so we are ready to roll. 

2021 Honda Odyssey Test Drive Model

Emma: Oh, fantastic. And what trim level do you have at the lot right now?

Navroz: The one that we've got designated as a test drive unit is the top model. It's called The Touring Edition. So that basically comes with every single feature of the Odyssey can possibly have, and then some.

Emma: Excellent. What sort of features are there? So if we're looking at the high-end touring model, what features can we enjoy?

Navroz: This 2021 Odyssey basically has all the goodness that the 2020 had, but they've added some all-new features. There's something called a rear seat reminder. So this is for those very, very busy parents that maybe have so much on the go that they forget to check the back seats and leave the kids behind.

Emma: I'm not going to lie. I was that kid once. I have been left in the back seat.

Navroz: It's happened, and old people think it's funny, but it's happened. This just basically reminds you to check the rear seats on your way out of the car. Another really cool feature is that traffic sign recognition. So with the new technology available, the van can actually let you know the speed limit of the road that you're driving on and so on and so forth. It can keep you on track, so you're not getting too many tickets and so on. Another really cool feature is the second row now offers a nearly flat-folding capability, which wasn't there before. So that makes it even more usable without having to take the seats out of the van. There's always being a big, heavy focus on the driver in any Honda product, including the Odyssey. But this time, the passenger gets a little treat in that they also receive lumbar support. The lumbar support is basically to help the sides of your back. So if the driver is being really sporty and taking some curves, you get to be planted in your seats. So that's pretty cool.

2021 Honda Odyssey Performance

Emma: With that in mind, how sporty is the Odyssey? It's a family vehicle, but it's got some kick.

Navroz: It does have some kick. It's got almost 300 horsepower. So for a car of that caliber, it's super comfortable, but when you need to go, it goes.

2021 Honda Odyssey Features

Navroz: Yes. The other really neat thing that I think gets overlooked is it has is storage. Right now, in the second-row seatbacks, there are additional pockets available. So you can put your phone, you can put the kids' iPad, all those kinds of things are there. So, more nooks and crannies to put stuff in, which is always handy, especially in the family holler.

Emma: Navroz: Nice. Does it have any of those TV screens or anything for the kids in the back, or is it just bring your own iPad?

Navroz: In the touring model, it does come with a rear entertainment system, is what Honda calls it, and yes, that is available in the touring model as well as a couple of others. But of course, yes, there is always the capability of bringing your own devices. In fact, there is an HDMI plugin where if, for example, you want to bring your PlayStation or whatever. You can plug it in and play games and watch on the screen that's in the vehicle. So, really cool stuff. It'll keep the kids entertained. And I think a few parents as well.

2021 Honda Odyssey Seating Capacity

Emma: Yes. How many kids can you pack into the back of an Odyssey?

Navroz: Comfortably, five. Uncomfortably, you could probably do 10, but I don't think that's legal.

Emma: Awesome. So what is it that van drivers love and prefer with the Odyssey over other minivans?

Navroz: A lot of the talk when it comes to minivans is basically, okay, well, I don't want that minivan because I prefer a larger SUV. So, there seems to be a lot of comparison and cross-shopping between those two. Because there's a bit of a stigma to the vans. But when you look at the overall usability of the van configuration versus an SUV configuration you have so much more room in the van, when it comes to people when it comes to stuff that you're carrying or, a combination of both. In my mind, unless you get into the massive, massive SUVs, you're looking at sacrificing one for the other, either you've got a really tiny third row, which is not comfortable. You wouldn't want to put anybody that you really like back there, or you fold down the rear seats, but then you've only got five people that you can carry. And then that's how you get cargo in the backseat. So you have to sacrifice one for the other. Whereas in the van you get everything. So yes, you can carry a family around, you can carry all their stuff. So I think, for people who do have the requirements of more people, and more stuff. The van seems to be the best configuration from a practicality standpoint.

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2021 Honda Odyssey Trim Levels

Emma: So how many different trim levels are available for the 2021 Odyssey?

Navroz: There are four. So there's the EX, with the rear entertainment system. So basically, the EX is your entry-level Odyssey, which comes amazingly well equipped. It has things like aluminum wheels. It's got a fancy stereo system, of course, anti-lock brakes and cameras galore and so on and so forth. It's also got the full set of Honda sensing features, which is Honda's safety measures. So I won't get into all those details, but there's a whole host of safety features. And of course, this is something that Honda has done for many, many, many years is not only do they build amazing vehicles. It's always with a safety-first type of attitude. No matter if you get the lowest stream level or the highest one, they don't sacrifice on the safety levels. Even more important, in a family-type vehicle like the Odyssey.

Navroz: So that was the EX rear entertainment system. Then you get up into the two leather models. So basically, you get leather trans seats on the inside and a few other neat things. And that comes in two flavors. So you can get the leather, either with the navigation system or you can get the leather with the rear entertainment system. So basically, depending on how you use it. So obviously the one with the rear entertainment system, good for families with the younger kids. The Navi is more for those people who tend to use this vehicle for traveling and want the in-built factory navigation system. And then the very top model, the touring that we referenced before, has all of that stuff. It's got the navigation and the rear entertainment, as well as a higher power stereo system, all of the new features.

Navroz: And it's just an amazing, amazing vehicle. So I think it's going to be a really nice one for anybody who wants something that is still comfortable, as well as can have all the capabilities for a larger family. I used to drive an Odyssey way back in the day when the kids were young. And I still think back to those days, even though I was- get the kids to school or their activities or whatever. So most of the time, you're in there by yourself, but it was still a super comfortable car, and there are days where I miss it.

Emma: That is key. You get the kids to where they go to go, but you still got to drive around yourself. So you want to be comfortable. You want to enjoy your drive.

Navroz: Yes. And the one neat thing about the Odyssey as well is just the visibility of the van. I know people talk about SUV's because they're a little bit taller, a little bit higher. You get a better sense of the road. The van pretty decent when it comes to that it. It isn't a little bit higher than your normal sedan, you know, and it's about the same height as a mid-sized SUV. So you do still get an amazing sense of where you are on the road, and it's so easy to drive and so comfortable to drive. So yes, I think it's a really, really good vehicle.

Emma: What year was the Odyssey initially released?

Navroz: Oh, you're going to test me now. In1996, but I'm sure the listeners will correct me if I'm wrong.

Emma: So, as you heard at the time of recording, the 2021 Honda Odyssey is on the lot at T&T Honda. If you want to go for a test drive, visit T&T for more information, and we hope you find your perfect vehicle. Thank you for listening to today's episode of the T&T Honda podcast. We'll be back with lots more for you very soon. If you've enjoyed this episode, please feel free to like, share, and of course, subscribe to keep up to date with everything that's going on. In the meantime, check out And we'll be back with another episode very soon.

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