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When we buy cars, we consider the vehicle’s physical appearance, features, price, and automotive parts. We want to make sure that the car is worthy of our money. But what makes a good car? It’s the reliability, quality, and performance of its auto parts—the attributes that define Honda.

Honda makes sure that their parts are made for Honda cars. Honda currently has 42 offices around the world, including Canada. At Honda Canada, genuine auto parts like the oil filters, brakes, batteries, wiper blades, filters, belts, and oil and fluids are used to achieve reliability, quality, and performance of Honda cars.

Oil Filters

If the oil filter is clogged, a dark smoke comes out of a car’s exhaust system like the muffler. Clogging in oil filters can pose damage to engines. But, we don’t have to wait for our oil filters to be clogged.

At Honda Canada, our specialists make sure that we use genuine oil filters. Oil filters at Honda are specially designed and crafted to meet the original equipment specifications. This strategy provides the same high standard of oil filtration protection to our Honda engines.

The oil filters in Honda cars are capable of trapping minute particles that were gathered during engine operation. When the oil is filtered properly, the car engine will be properly cooled and lubricated, avoiding buildup of unwanted contaminants and damage to engines.


The brake system is probably the most important safety element of our cars. Brakes allow us to stop our car. The common signs of a brake malfunction are metallic squeal while driving, vibration on steering wheel, soft brake pedal, burning smell, among others.

We must remember that every time we press on the brake pedal, a lining wears off. Over time, this lining can be damaged and must be immediately replaced. Maintenance is always the best way to avoid brake malfunction.

At Honda we advise car owners to read and follow the maintenance requirements written in the owner’s manual. Ask our service specialists to install genuine auto parts to your vehicle to maintain the same quality of performance on your braking system.

Wiper Blades

We need wiper blades to clean our windshields, especially when it’s raining or snowing. Wiper blades make us clearly see the road we’re travelling on. This is why regular checkup and maintenance on our wiper blades is also important.

Normally, a wiper blade must be replaced every six months or every time you see that the blades are not making proper contact with the windshield, start to squeak, or not clearly wiping the glass surface. When you notice any of these signs, visit your Honda dealer for replacements.

The best thing about wiper blades is that you don’t need to replace the entire blade; we only need to replace the rubber insert. You can also be sure that we stock and install the right sizes of wiper blades to your car. Plus, we offer only genuine Honda rubber inserts.


There are two types of filters in Honda cars. These are the cabin air filter and engine air filter. The cabin air filter removes dust or any foreign debris that may enter through the heating and air conditioning system, while the engine air filter prevents foreign materials to enter the engine.

A clogged air filter affects your cars performance. Honda suggests that if you drive in dusty areas, a regular replacement is needed for cabin air filter and engine air filter.

Contact our service department at T&T Honda to check your car, determine the appropriate filters, and provide you with genuine air filters needed for your Honda vehicle. As a Honda car owner, you should also have received a manual where details on air filters inspections are stated.


Like all the other auto parts, belts need to be replaced if worn out. There are two types of belts in Honda cars. These are the drive belt and timing belt.

Drive belts run the water pump, alternator, and power steering pump. Drive belts also operate the air conditioning compressor on A/C-equipped vehicles. When drive belts are damaged, your car could experience overheating, loss of power steering, and inoperative charging system and air conditioning (A/C) system.

The timing belt, on the other hand, allows the engine’s camshafts to open and close the intake and exhaust valves at a proper time. Some Honda engines have timing belts that drive the water pump to circulate the engine’s coolant. When a timing belt breaks, we notice a ticking noise coming from the engine. Also, the engine won’t be able to ignite if the timing belt is damaged. Oil leaks in front of the motor and engine misfires may also occur when timing belts are failing.

With Honda vehicles, drive and timing belts are specially designed to withstand stretching and deteriorating to ensure that our cars achieve maximum automotive performance.

Oil and Fluid

Oil and fluid are basically the life sources of our cars. Without these, we won’t be able to start our engines.

These are the different types of fluids in a car: hydraulic fluids (brake fluid, power steering fluid, clutch fluid), lubricants (engine oil, gear oil, differential oil), coolant fluids (engine coolant, AC coolant, Air), fuels (diesel, gasoline, autogas or liquefied petroleum gas, and compressed natural gas), windshield washer fluid, and other fluids (intake air, exhaust gas, nitrous oxide, and water or methanol.

As an authorised Honda Auto Parts store, we can provide these oils and fluids: engine oil for lubricating internal parts, OW-20 engine oil for advanced protection against oil breakdown, engine antifreeze/coolant, Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) DW-1, brake fluid, and hydraulic clutch fluid.

At T&T Honda we assure customers that their oils and fluids are specially formulated to meet the company’s standards on quality. These oils and fluids are also recommended to be used throughout the life of your Honda vehicle.

Why buy cars from Honda?

Honda is the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer all over the world. The company has maintained its mission to always provide genuine auto parts to all their Honda cars. In fact, their facilities have produced over 5.1 million vehicles as of 2017.

Honda Canada Inc. is celebrating its 50 fruitful years in the automotive business since the dealer was founded in 1969 in Canada. Honda Canada has been providing the highest levels of occupant protection in all their vehicles and innovative features for pedestrian safety.

Did you know that Honda’s facility in Alliston, Ontario, uses molten aluminum made from 100 percent recycled scrap? In fact, they use these recycled materials to produce their four-cylinder engines for their Honda Civic and CR-V models. Also, the company builds their vehicles right here, so you can be sure that their Honda cars are specially built for Canada.

T&T Honda Vehicle Parts & Service

At T&T Honda, we are committed to you and your vehicle. Whether you are coming to us for an oil change or vehicle service, you can be confident that your vehicle is being checked for the latest product updates, worn components and, most importantly, that it is fixed right the first time.

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Other considerations when choosing T&T Honda for your service and auto parts.

Genuine Honda Parts

Genuine Honda Parts have been specifically designed, rigorously tested for quality and approved to meet the exact operating specifications of your Honda. Using Genuine Honda Parts will help to maintain the quality, reliability and performance of your vehicle.

Genuine Honda Service

When you visit T&T Honda for your vehicles service, you can be confident that you’ll be looked after by our courteous service advisers and Honda-trained Technicians. Our team is committed to providing you with convenient, competitive, comfortable and worry-free service.


Honda Accessories can turn a Honda into your Honda. From floor-mats to splash guards to remote starter kits; there are lots of ways to personalize your Honda.

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