Boxing Week at T& T Honda

Boxing Week at T&T Honda

Well, it’s that time of the year again and our annual Boxing Week Event will be here before you know it.

Hondas provide you with excellent value throughout the year. Having said that, Boxing Week represents the sweet spot for many buyers: the intersection of a (still) good selection and excellent savings. The transition from one model year to the next will be in full swing. Honda Canada typically offers especially generous incentives on vehicles of the outgoing model year, often combining both cash bonuses and low interest rates which aren’t always offered together.

T&T Honda has traditionally sweetened the pot even more and the holiday goodies haven’t been restricted to the new side. “Presents” for new and used buyers have included remote starters, iPads, and scratch and save discounts on accessories.

Lightly used demos represent particularly good deals. They’re often loaded with popular accessories and savings can be in the thousands. (My current Honda, a 2015 Accord V6, was one such end of model year demo. I got into more Honda than I ever imagined I could.)

We don’t yet know what T&T’s “elves” have in store for Boxing Week. It’s almost like waiting to see what’s under the tree. But you can be sure the deals will range from great to ridiculously great. We’re even trying to convince parts and service to join in the fun.

So, if you have been planning to get some new wheels (right out of the wrapper or pre-loved) or even just thinking about it come on down to T&T Honda, grab a cup of hot chocolate and have a chat with one of our product advisors. We look forward to seeing you. Happy holidays!