T&T Honda: Steering You Straight.

Episode 19 – Why It’s Important Fix that Windshield Chip Right Away

In this episode we discuss why it's important not to delay getting that windshield chip repaired as soon as you see it. 

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What are the questions that you should ask when buying a new car? In this episode we discuss some of the most important things to consider during the purchase process. 

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Why are the pros and cons of selling your car to a dealership vs privately? In this episode we discuss what's involved and how your vehicle is assigned a specific value.

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Why lease instead of buy? In this episode, Navroz explains how a lease works, clearing up a few misconceptions and discusses why a lease might be right for you. 

Extended warranties: are they worth it? Navroz discusses how warranties work and when extended warranties make sense. 

In this episode we chat with T&T's long time service manager, Scott, and dig a little deeper into the importance of vehicle maintenance. 

How much is my vehicle worth as a trade-in? What's involved in the evaluation process? In this episode we discuss the ins and outs of trading in your vehicle. 

Is there a time of year or even a time of the month or day that is a better time to buy your next vehicle? In this episode, we discuss the best time to get a new or used car in order to maximize your savings.

In this episode we talk about vehicle history reports, and why they are so important when buying a used vehicle, whether it is from a private sale or a dealership.

We look at how the reports can save you from a financial error or from buying a vehicle that may not be all that it seems. Learn how to get a report when buying privately and why T&T Honda provides everyone with the report before they buy.

We provide CarFax reports on all of our pre-owned vehicles. Explore our used vehicle inventory here.

In this episode, Navroz explains the difference between I.C.E vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles. Learn about why they are becoming increasingly popular and how the are more beneficial for the environment than traditional engines.

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In this episode Navroz explains the differences between getting your vehicle serviced at T&T Honda versus an independent mechanic. There are many reasons why servicing your Honda at a Honda dealership can save you time and money especially in the long run.

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In this episode, Navroz explains a few simple maintenance tips that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and performing at its best. He explains what guidelines you need to follow, ranging from oil changes and regular vehicle services, and what larger routine services you can plan and budget for. 

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Episode 7 – What Fees to Expect when Buying a Vehicle

There are a few main fees associated with purchasing a vehicle. In this episode, Navroz explains what they are and roughly what amount you should be expecting to pay on top of the cost of the vehicle you are purchasing, and when to be aware of additional fees that are not always necessary.

In this episode, Navroz talks us through the steps of looking for a used vehicle, what research you should do, what you should look for when taking a test drive, and what to expect when going through the financing and purchasing processes.

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In this episode, Navroz talks us through the steps of looking for your new vehicle, doing the research online, taking a test drive and going through the financing and purchasing processes.

T&T Honda offers new Hondas, certified used Hondas, and a variety of other popular makes. Check out our new and used inventory. 

In this episode, Navroz talks about the importance of winter tires and how to stay safe on the roads during winter driving season. We look at the differences between all season, all weather and winter tires and when the right time is to change them over. T&T Honda offers tire storage - click here to learn more.

In this episode, Navroz talks us through the features of the 2021 Honda Odyssey, including cargo space, passenger comfort, vehicle features including, driving power and control, the various trim levels as well as safety features, vehicle specifications and on board entertainment. 

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In this Episode, Navroz explains the different types of financing, and how T&T Honda works closely with you to find the right vehicle and the right type of financing to help you make confident and informed decisions.

We talk about financing a vehicle even with bad credit or no credit history, and the differences between car leases and car loans.

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In this episode Navroz explains the philosophy behind the brand at T&T Honda and what the phrase "Steering You Straight" really means and how the philosophy is implemented in all the day to day interactions at the Calgary Honda Dealership.