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5 Reasons Why a Honda Repair Centre Is Better Than Your Garage

Every now and then, we need to do maintenance on our Honda vehicle. Regular upkeep prevents possible damage or mechanical breakdown. Most car owners prefer leaving their cars in the hands of a dealer’s technicians, while others want to repair their vehicles in their garage—sometimes with the help of local mechanics.

There are advantages in fixing cars in our own garage. These include saving a huge amount of money when we can buy auto parts easily found at nearby auto part stores or if we already have extra auto parts; however, there are also limitations when we fix our cars on our garage. These limitations are the availability of automotive parts, schedule of the car owner and local mechanic, tools or equipment needed for maintenance, and so forth.

There are minor mechanical problems that we can do like changing the spark plugs, but we have to admit that we’re always busy. Even if we have rest days, we would probably would prefer not to spend it maintaining our vehicle. This is why your Honda dealer is the ultimate help that we need in repairing our cars. Our cars our important for us to get from A to B, and we don’t want to end up spending more money, or causing further damage because we fixed them in the wrong way.

Genuine Auto Parts

Honda takes pride in their genuine automotive parts that fit all sizes and models of their cars. At our T&T Honda Parts & Accessories Department, we maintain an in-depth inventory of high-quality genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. If the auto parts are unavailable, we can always order them and request that the parts arrive quickly.

The best thing about trusting a Honda dealer to repair your car is that we don’t have to look for the auto parts. We simply need to bring our cars to the the service repair shop, and they’ll do the rest.

Did you know that you can also order an auto part at T&T Honda? You simply dial (403) 297-1460 during business hours. You can also visit Honda Canada’s official website and click Email Parts Centre where an expert will talk with you and determine what part you really need.

Trusted Staff

No one knows our Honda cars better than Honda’s team of experienced technicians, who only use genuine auto parts to make sure that our cars continue to have the original operating specifications.

They are the ones who make sure that our cars are maintained to Honda standards.

T&T Honda also has other trusted personnel under the Sales, Management, Service, and Administration Department. All of them are willing to provide assistance, guidance, and advice relating to any issues or concerns.


Did you know you can schedule your next service online? You can either log on to the e-form here and manage your account; edit or cancel an existing appointment by entering your phone or confirmation code; or provide a little detail about your car.

T&T Honda also provides special services on windshield replacements, roadside assistance, headlight restoration, total tire care, and even car rental. We also have a free recall check on our cars even if our warranty has expired and other services on detailing, Garmin navigation updates, headlight restoration, and seasonal tire storage.

T&T Honda also supplies shuttle bus services from Monday to Friday in the northeast, northwest, downtown, and southern part of Calgary. You may click here to view the maps showing the bus route in downtown area and all four zones. Take note that the buses operate on a limited range of service during Saturdays.


Maintenance doesn’t need to be expensive. The good thing about T&T Honda, is that we provide reasonable and comparable costs.

We offer the lowest price on a wide selection of tires and lifetime guarantee on genuine Honda replacement brake pads. We promise to match the lowest advertised price for OW-20 full synthetic oil and filters found in other service centres.

Increased Resale Value of Vehicles

Honda models are among the best resale value vehicles in compact (Honda Civic), subcompact (Honda Fit), and midsize classes (Honda Accord). The factors that affect resale value of cars are the brand, paint color (white, silver, red, black, gold, or any other classic colors), condition, mileage, features, accessories, and power train. If a pre-owned car has all the good qualities of all these factors, it will have a higher resale value.

We make sure that we only install genuine auto parts when servicing Honda cars. This strategy allows continuity of good performance and the same level of reliability on Honda vehicles. If Honda vehicles are in good condition and still contain the original auto parts even after multiple part replacements, there’s a high chance that we can sell our Honda cars for a higher price.

Customer Satisfaction

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We can’t just say all these things without proving that T&T Honda are excellent when it comes to car repairs, unless our customers agree with us. Our customers said they’re overjoyed with the service we give to them.

“Very happy with the service I received. They know their stuff and what struck me most was there was no pressure tactics. They were frank, honest, and business like. Even the business office executive was very professional and went over all the numbers, warranty etc…in detail. I would recommend any one to buy his/her Honda from T & T Honda,” customer N. A. told T&T Honda.

“Service was fast despite what appeared to be a busy morning at the dealership. My tires were installed much quicker than any other shops I’ve been to and making an appointment was very easy and convenient. Jasmine the service advisor was friendly and very helpful as well,” customer B. L. said.

Whether you need a change in oil and fluids, replacement windshield, and the like, you can rest assured that T&T Honda will take good care of your vehicle. Our service centre is located at 888 Meridian Road NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2N8. The Parts Centre is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Friday. The centre is open on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed on Sunday.