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There’s no getting around it. In addition to payments, insurance, and fuel, drivers must deal with the cost of maintenance and repairs. Naturally, we would all like to minimize those costs where...Read More

At T&T Honda we encourage our customers to follow the Honda Canada’s recommended guidelines for regular maintenance. Though you may be tempted to save money and hassle by skipping some of th...Read More

Part of the new car purchase process typically involves deciding what options you want to equip your car with. They might include something cosmetic that enhances your vehicle’s appearance, like...Read More

Many customers have never seriously considered leasing as an option. There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to leasing a vehicle. While leasing is not for everyone, about 40% of our ne...Read More

For drivers in Alberta getting a chip in your windshield is almost as certain as setting sun. We seem to particularly vulnerable to windshield damage here. The chinooks may be partly responsible. ...Read More

Buying a new car is a major purchase, usually the biggest purchase that you make aside from your home. So, it only makes to go slow and ask a few key questions. What can I expect to pay in interes...Read More

When it comes time to part with your vehicle the two most obvious options are either to sell it privately or sell it to a dealership. Now, when you are selling your car privately the common unders...Read More

Hybrid Hondas What exactly is a hybrid? Hybrid vehicles combine an electric motor (or motors) with an internal combustion engine (ICE). Sometimes the motor and the engine work independently and so...Read More

The Honda Accord Manual Transmission, Honda Fit and Civic 2 door are all discontinued. Calgary, Alberta, July 27,2020 : Honda has recently announced immediate changes to the current vehicle lineup...Read More

Honda’s cheerful wee Fit, the smallest member of the 2020 Honda family (at least on these shores) is just that – a great fit for many high school students. Its unique combination of attributes...Read More