Honda Civic Type R


Early in March we interviewed one of our Type R customers, Bryan Ortega. The timing of his purchase and our long winter have not allowed him to spend a ton of time enjoying his Civic just yet. However, we were eager to get some first impressions and learn what led Bryan to the Type R. And, as it looks like spring may finally be here for real, we hope that he will soon have the opportunity to fully exploit the Civic Type R’s dazzling talents.


Had you owned or driven many Hondas before? If so, which models?
Yes. I have owned and driven a 2003 Pilot, 2008 Civic Si, 2008 Civic FD, 1994 Civic EG, and Honda XRM.


How did you first find out about the Type R?
After I paid-off the balance for my 2008 Civic Si to Honda Finance and with T&T already offering pre-order of Type R, I did not hesitate to make a deposit. I’ve known about the Type R since when I owned a 2008 Honda Civic FD back when I was in the Philippines which we don’t have the market for here. We just buy body kits to replicate FD looks.


What led you to choose the Type R? Did you consider competing models from other manufacturers? If so, how did the R win out?
I am a loyal Honda Fan and did not bother to drive test any other competing models. After the limited Type R came to market here in Canada, I made sure to reserve one for myself.


Tell us about your first impressions. What surprised you most about the Type R?
I like the aerodynamic looks and functionality of the car, which I often do on my Civic setups, which really makes it stand out. I love the VTEC Turbo engine the most as I’m used to 200HP engines and with it being VTEC, I really love how it kicks in.


Do you use your Type R as a daily driver?
Right now, I have stored it for the winter and can’t wait for a good weather to come up this spring and summer so I can start to daily drive it and enjoy the Type R. I would like to preserve it as much as I can so I prefer not to use it during harsh weather like winter.


Have you driven your Type R on the track or do you plan to?
Not yet. I do really plan to use it on track and I’m now looking for a good sports club that I can join so I can do autocross with them and see the Type R’s potentials.


Having lived with the Type R for a while now, what are your favorite features?
I haven’t driven my Type R that much with it being stored for the winter but I do like what others say about Rev Matching and the Active Dampening System going to +R which makes it ready for the track. I look forward to experiencing these features more when I start to drive my Type R this year.

Bryan Ortega and his Type R