Graduate Program

Are you a recent graduate? If so, you could be ELIGIBLE for our program!


Who is Eligible?

✓ Graduates of an accredited minimum 3 or 4 year university program
✓ Graduates of an accredited 2 or 3 year nursing school program
✓ Graduates of a police or military school
✓ Graduates of an accredited community college (minimum 2 year program)
✓ Must have graduated within the last 12 months of an application date

What is the Credit Criteria?

✓ No Adverse credit history
✓ Verifiable proof of full time employment and income, or written commitment from employer with a start date within sixty days of application date
✓ Monthly income sufficient to cover current obligations, expenses, and vehicle payment
✓ Payment cannot exceed 20% of graduate's gross income.

What is the Maximum Advance?

✓ The maximum amount finance includes current MSRP plus freight/PDI, taxes, plus Honda Plus extended warranty (amount exceeding this limit will require a down payment)

What are the Required Documents?

✓ Copy of diploma or letter from the Registrar's office confirming graduation.

No Down Payment Required.