changing your oi

Why do you need to change your oil and oil filter?

An internal combustion engine is a collection of thousands of parts moving at high speeds which generates a lot of heat. Of course, the internal combustion process itself creates a lot heat and some contaminants as well. Also, bits of metal and carbon can flake off from the internal surfaces of the engine over time.

The oil performs three main functions. It lubricates the moving parts, absorbs heat and carries away contaminants. The oil filter removes particles from the oil so that it can continue work effectively. Over time the filter becomes clogged and needs to be replaced. The oil itself gradually breaks down as well and becomes increasingly less able to do its job and also needs to be replaced.

How often your oil and filter need to be replaced depends on a number of factors related to the kind of conditions that your engine is operating under. That’s where your Honda’s Maintenance Minder comes in. It monitors these conditions and uses that information to predict when your oil is nearing the ending of its life. This makes more sense than simply using the number of km travelled to determine when an oil and filter change is recommended – better for your engine and your pocket book.

Changing your oil and filter when needed with an oil change service will ensure that your Honda will continue to operate efficiently for many years to come!

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