Winter tires in Calgary




Maybe this is you: your commuting is limited to well-travelled and regularly ploughed routes within the city. Between the chinooks and the road clearing you end up spending most of your winter driving time on dry roads. Do you really need winter tires?

It’s true that a big part of winter tire design is geared towards maximizing grip on snow and ice. They feature deeper tread depths and are especially constructed to channel snow and expel water. But that’s only part of the story.

A key feature of winter tires is the rubber compound itself. This compound is designed to stay pliable in freezing temperatures. Pliability means better grip and this translates into better handling and braking in cold temperatures. In fact, stopping distances for all-seasons are about 30% longer than for winter tires on dry pavement in temps just below freezing.

Seven degrees above Celsius is the temperature at which most all season tires begin to harden. Almost all elasticity disappears by – 15 degrees C. Given that average daily highs in Calgary don’t reach + 7 for five months of the year the wisdom of winter tires seems all that more apparent.

Drivers of Honda CR-V’s, Pilots, HR-V’s and other fine AWD vehicles might suggest that having power available to all four wheels combined with all seasons will do the same job as winter tires. Granted, AWD is great for getting started and making your way up hills in slippery conditions but only if traction exists in the first place. Zero traction x 4 is no better than zero traction x 2.

We want to help maximize your traction and driving safety. Honda Canada will price match on most tire brands. Additionally, T&T Honda is currently offering 6 month financing at zero percent (OAC) on parts and service, including wheel and tire packages. We also offer seasonal tire storage. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.