Windshield Protection


Introducing...Clear Armor for your Vehicle's Windows!

Clear Armor Benefits:

Strengthens the surface of your windshield by up to 10 times, reducing damage from road debris
Reduces glare for enhanced clarity and safer driving, especially at night and during inclement weather
Repels rain, snow, slush and insects.

Understanding Glass

At a microscopic level, glass is anything but flat. There are numerous peaks and valleys that can affect the performance of the windshield in three important ways:

  • Debris glancing off the windshield may get caught by one of these features increasing the likelihood of damage to the windshield.
  • These peaks and valleys also refract light which creates road glare.
    Water grips this irregular surface with ice effectively bonding to the glass in freezing temperatures.
  • The application of Supra ClearAmor windshield treatment addresses all three of these elements improving resistance to damage, increasing visibility, and enhancing resistance to water, ice and insects.

See Supra ClearAmor in Action!