Shopping for a Used Car

shopping for a used car

Buying a used pre-owned car just makes sense for a lot of people. Many used cars hit the sweet spot in terms of value. It’s often possible to purchase a lightly used vehicle, with much of the latest safety and technology, for substantially less than a comparable new one.

The key to making a sensible used car choice is arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible. Each used car is unique. As such, each used car that we sell is available with a CarFax report, free of charge, and available online. This report provides you with some important vehicle information including such things as registration history, collision claims and the associated costs, stolen vehicle check, recalls, and U.S. vehicle history, where applicable. The CarFax report may also include a service history.

CarFax report and vehicle inspection

Checking the car out in person is your next step. A visual inspection is a must. Tires should be evaluated for both tread depth and pattern of wear. Uneven wear is a sign of misalignment. Check for panel gaps and how well the doors and the trunk/hatch open and close. Misaligned panels and doors could be signs of structural damage. Dents and scratches are usually merely cosmetic but they can sometimes indicate more serious issues. Some small spots of rust may be OK but large patches should be a red flag. They may be pointing to more extensive corrosion under the surface.

Popping the hood presents another opportunity to look for signs of damage and rust. Look for stains, cracks in belts, and any leaks. You can check the levels and conditions of various fluids while you are here: brake fluid, transmission fluid, and the oil.

You should bring the same level of scrutiny to the interior, looking tears, cracks and stains. Test everything to see how it works: windows, air conditioning, defroster, any power controls, lights, the audio system, and so on. Use your nose as well as your eyes!

To be honest, many of us, perhaps most, don’t feel confident in our ability to judge the mechanical soundness of a vehicle, especially given the complexity of most modern cars and trucks. As such, you may want to bring along a trusted expert.

Checking under the hood and examining the interior

If you’re shopping at T&T Honda we’ve taken care of a lot of that hassle for you. As mentioned, we provide a CarFax report with every car that we sell. Each used vehicle that we goes through a rigorous 170 point inspection process. We are happy to provide you with the results of that inspection and the details of the repairs and/or servicing that we performed, if necessary, to get that vehicle in good running condition. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible.

Those same high standards are applied to our Honda Certified Used Vehicles (HCUV), of course. Only Hondas of recent model years and not exceeding a certain km limit will qualify as candidates. A rigorous bumper to bumper inspection is conducted to assess both the mechanical condition and the appearance. Any necessary repairs are carried out using only Honda Genuine Parts to ensure the finest quality. We make sure the servicing is up to date. For added peace of mind, the powertrain warranty is extended by two years /60,000 km. Additionally, generous finance rates from Honda Financial Services are typically available on our certified vehicles, for qualifying customers.

Your test drive will be the clincher. It is an opportunity to assess the vehicle in action, to put it through its paces. You should look for any difficulties starting the vehicle and operating the transmission. Does it shake, rattle or creak or behave in any unusual way? Does it track properly? You should challenge the car in a variety of conditions: at different speeds, through turns, over different surfaces, and on flat surfaces and inclines.

In addition to providing you with added confidence about the mechanical integrity of the vehicle the test drive is a great opportunity to simply learn if that vehicle is right for you. There are many fine cars on the market but not every one is a good fit.

T&T Honda used car inventory

That’s why we are pleased to offer such a wide selection of used vehicles at T&T Honda: vans, trucks, sedans, SUVs, sports cars, luxury cars – you name it. These include Hondas, naturally, and a whole host of other makes and models.

Some recent arrivals on our used car lot include the following: 2015 Honda Fit EX-L Navi, 2015 Honda CR-V Touring, 2016 Toyota 4Runner, 2016 Nissan Rogue, 2015 Accord Sport Sedan, and 2012 Pilot EX.