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Selling your vehicle can require a lot of work. You need to assess if your used car has a chance to be purchased in the current market and if it’s going to give you a fair amount of money in return. Whether you’re buying a used car or selling your existing car, we’re here to provide more information before you contact a used car dealer.

When do you think is the best time to let go of your used car?

People trade their vehicles mostly because of the following reasons: they want to upgrade to a newer model or features; they want a bigger car for their growing family needs; they find the maintenance more expensive than owning a new one; they’re moving to another country; they find it difficult to acquire new parts; they experience family loss or separation; or they can’t find a reliable or nearby service center; among others.

Should you sell your car to a used car dealer?

There are a lot of ways to sell vehicles. You can either talk with personnel from large dealerships or you can sell your car all by yourself.

Privately selling your used car certainly has the potential for you to generate more money, but consider that it requires you to do all these things: hire a mechanic to check the vehicle for any issues, including interior and exterior condition; clean the entire car; consolidate all important documents (official receipt, original certificate or registration, absolute deed of sale, and more); look for legitimate buyers; negotiate on price; and more. The most challenging part is that you only realize that your work is done when you seal the deal and turn over the car keys to the new owner.

If you prefer selling your used car to a dealer, you can have a peace of mind because dealers make sure you let go of the vehicle easily and take away the pain of doing all the paperwork. When you work with a dealership, you’ll be asked by authorized personnel about details on your used car.

You’ll also be asked if you want to sell the car and get cash in return or trade the used car for a new one; it’s up to you. While you’re asked all the important details, mechanics are already checking your used car for any issues relating to the engine, brakes, air conditioning, mileage, and more.

Then, you’ll be offered a price, which is based on a lot of factors. Once you agree on the offer, the deal will be closed. Meaning to say, all the hard work has been done for you—a major benefit when you seek the help of a car dealer.

Will a used car dealer buy my used car?

Car dealers understand that letting go of your used vehicle can be tough. For some, their cars also have a sentimental value for their owners because of the amount of time, effort, and money that they may have invested into them.

But when you can’t find enough reasons to keep your used car in the garage, consider visiting a car dealer. Now, you’re probably wondering if your used car is worthy to catch the attention of a dealer?

There are a lot of factors to be considered when dealers buy your used car. Dealers may buy your pre-owned car if it can be restored in a good condition, if it’s still on demand, and the like. Different dealers have different strategies in buying used cars.

If you want to ensure that your used car is checked, maintained, and given a good amount of care, try T&T Honda services in Calgary. Our dealership will accept your vehicle as long as its passes certifications of our comprehensive and mechanical appearance inspection. The inspection includes checking the car brakes, powertrain, steering and suspension systems, wheels, tires, exhaust system, and interior and exterior.

Where to buy Honda used cars?

If you’re in Calgary and you plan to buy Honda used cars that are in excellent condition at a fair price, try to visit T&T Honda at 888 Meridian Rd NE, Calgary, AB. T2A 2N8.

At T&T Honda, we certify all our used cars. If you buy a Honda Certified Used Vehicle (HCUV), you’ll be able to enjoy a seven-year or 160,000-kilometer of transferrable powertrain warranty coverage, seven-day or 1,000-kilometer exchange privilege, car proof vehicle history report, warranty and service records, preferred financing options and terms through Honda financial services, and membership to our exclusive owner’s website.

T&T Honda aims to be transparent in all details pertaining to their cars, especially with the used ones. If you buy used Honda cars at T&T, you’ll be able to get detailed information on how we price our used cars, making sure that it competes with other large dealership locations around Calgary.

Also, all our Honda used cars are fully reconditioned and have all the necessary information on its history and insurance claims that you’ll need to know. Plus, T&T Honda is working with major lending companies like Honda Financial Services to provide customers like you with the best rates possible. T&T Honda offers favorable prices on all our certified used vehicles.

Financial Services at T&T Honda

In terms of financial services, T&T Honda has got your covered. We offer these financial services: Total Loss Protection; Honda Plus Extended Warranty; Loan/Lease Payment Protection; Appearance Protection; Lease Guard; Tire and Rim Protection; Dent, Ding, Windshield Repair, Rip, Tear, and Burn Protection, and Key Fob Replacement; and Platinum Security Auto Theft Protection.

The company’s financial services department aims at making sure that customers feel secure when they own a Honda car.

To apply for a vehicle financing, you can go to our office here in Calgary or fill out an electronic form on vehicle financing which can be found online here.

T&T Honda also provides a service finance program that offers a no interest loan to pay for service or parts above $300. If you qualify and use the loan to pay your bill, you’ll enjoy a no interest charges for payments within six months. Your approval entitles you to a one-year validity.

Need help finding your next Used Vehicle?

At T&T Honda in Calgary, we have a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles available. This means that we certify all Honda vehicles that are eligible for certification under Honda Canada’s stringent Certified Used Vehicle program.

If you want to learn more about why to buy a used Honda from T&T or why to buy a Honda Certified vehicle, click on the links.

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