Why a Civic?

Civics: they’re everywhere. They’ve been part of the Canadian automotive landscape since the 70’s and Canada’s best-selling car for more than 20 years running. The Civic line up has grown and matured substantially since its start as a tiny coupe and hatch, but Honda has never kept its focus off the core principles that have made the Civic a winner for so long.

Civics are Easy on the Wallet

From day one, Civics have delivered excellent fuel economy, and rarely at the cost of performance thanks to Honda’s engineering magic. Maintenance costs are also among the lowest in the business. Add to that stellar resale value and you have the perfect recipe for long term low ownership costs.

Civics are Well Equipped and Well Built

With the Civic, you don't need to move up to the top trim levels to get a really nicely equipped car. Our bread and butter Civic, the LX, comes equipped with such sought after items like heated front seats, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, and a multi-angle rear view camera. Premium materials and quality construction are found in every Civic. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap.

Civics are Safe

Civics have regularly been awarded great crash test scores from the Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Plus, the majority of late model Civics are equipped with Honda SensingTM, a suite of driver assist technologies such as Collision Mitigation BrakingTM, Road Departure MitigationTM, and Lane Keeping AssistTM that provide an extra layer of safety. Honda doesn’t believe that safety should be reserved for only those with the biggest bank accounts.

Learn how Civic driver Kyle, walked away from a severe crash.

It’s one thing to build a car that produces good numbers, acceleration times and fuel consumption figures for example. But the Civic is more than a well-built appliance. The Civic goes the extra mile providing a human machine interface that is rewarding for the driver and welcoming to passengers. A great driving position, outstanding visibility, and easy to use controls set the stage for an engaging drive marked by smooth and free revving powertrains, nimble handling, and a comfortable ride. Additionally, the Civic excels at delivering more space for people and their things than you would think possible for a vehicle with such a modest footprint.

The Civic Sedan is our most popular choice but four doors and a trunk doesn’t mean bland or boring. The Civic Coupe drops a couple of doors while adding some extra styling zest. The Hatchback provides even more versatility and comes standard with the zingy 1.5 Litre Turbo. The Si series, in Coupe and Sedan, is even spicier, with a rare blend of performance and practicality. The hottest ticket in the Civic line up is the Type R. It goes down easy whether you’re tearing up the track or enjoying your daily commute.

Though we are prone to blow our own horn when it comes to the Civic we are not alone in singing its praises:

Car and Driver

"A well-rounded compact car that goes above and beyond its stellar reputation."

Motor Trend

"The Civic is an excellent value with an unbeatable combination of affordability and Honda’s latest innovations."


"The Honda Civic is as good as it gets. It tops our small-sedan segment in most of our categories. Fuel economy and acceleration are particularly impressive, as are interior space and build quality."

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