Why a Honda?

Choosing a new car can be challenging. Automotive buyers have never been presented with such a wide range of really good products. Vehicles have never been quicker, safer, or more efficient. Still, we think that Honda stands out in field of strong contenders.  A given Honda model may not always top every category but you can count on a strong showing in every area. A Honda is like the star hockey player who also gets great marks in Chem and English Lit, and is still fun to hang with!

well equipped

With Honda, you don't need to move up to the top trim levels to get a really well equipped car. Our bread and butter Civic, the LX, comes equipped with such sought after items like heated front seats, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, and a multi-angle rear view camera. Every Honda exudes quality. Both drivers and passengers are surrounded with premium materials. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap.

well equipped

Honda’s engineering magic means you don’t have sacrifice performance and luxury for excellent fuel economy. For example, the Accord Touring 1.5T uses only 8.2 L per 100 km in the city and 6.8 on the highway – on regular gas. Add to that maintenance costs that are among the lowest in the business AND stellar resale value. Take the Honda Ridgeline: it retains 63% resale value after three years.

well equipped

Hondas consistently achieve great crash test scores from the Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Plus, the vast majority of our line-up is equipped with Honda SensingTM, a suite of driver assist technologies such as Collision Mitigation BrakingTM, Road Departure MitigationTM, and Lane Keeping AssistTM that provide an extra layer of safety.

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While virtually every Honda is well equipped, frugal, safe, and packed with value perhaps what really sets Hondas apart is the way they drive – the human machine interface. Honda excels in the ability to hold a number of strengths in balance such as ride and handling, power and efficiency, and roominess and style. In a word, they’re fun!

Additionally, every Honda comes with practical and thoughtful touches that make living with your Honda on a daily basis that much easier and enjoyable: an in-bed trunk in the Ridgeline, easy-fold rear seats in the CR-V, and the roomy and versatile front console storage in the Civic.

We may be biased but we’re not alone in our admiration of and affection for Honda vehicles. Here are just a few examples:

Honda Civic

"With a fun driving experience, a practical interior, and many versions to choose, the Civic is an even better compact car than its reputation would suggest."

– Car and Diver

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Honda CR-V

"The Honda CR-V has got it covered. Whatever you want in a suburb-ready compact crossover, the CR-V checks so many boxes, it’s bound to appear on plenty of car-shopping lists."

– Motor Trend

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Honda Accord

"The 10th-generation Accord was a winner out of the gate in 2018, making us fall in love with Honda's midsize sedan all over again."

– Edmunds

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