civic type r championship white

In a market filled with enough choices to keep you awake for days it’s a comforting feeling when a vehicle like the Honda Civic Type R comes along that can really grab your attention so fully that its almost as if the car itself is saying look no further my friend.

The Honda Civic Type R is no doubt a shining example of exactly that situation with its sleek design and beautiful interior but we’ll get to that, first lets start under the hood.

The Honda Civic Type R comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that’s rated at 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The Type R comes standard with a smooth 6-speed manual gearbox that sends power to the front wheels through its helical limited-slip differential. The suspension setup is superb and makes taking turns and winding roads a breeze, and is controlled by three-mode adaptive dampers and multi piston units from Brembo handle the braking.

What does all this mean? It means the Honda Civic Type R won’t just get you where you’re going….you’ll have fun getting there.

The Civic Type R has  a beautiful appearance at a glance. Ever piece of the exterior is designed with a strategic purpose in mind. The body itself was designed to increase the cars fluidity which would reduce friction and increase speed. The hood scoop was designed to cool the engine faster while driving at higher speeds. Since this car was designed for speed an underbody spoiler kit was installed which provides more airflow to the rear which provides maximum downforce and grip which allows for maximum stabilization when driving at high speeds. Even the wing spoiler helps to create even more downforce. All put together they help to make the Honda Civic Type R truly an extremely fun car to hit the road in.

The exterior of the Type R  is sleek and smooth, and with its added splitter and spoiler this car even looks fast and with its standard 20 inch wheels and LED headlights it truly makes the Honda Civic Type R a thing of beauty to look at.

The Type R also comes equipped with the latest Honda sensing active safety tech so you can be sure that not only will you get where you need to be but that you’ll get there safely too.

The interior of the Honda Civic Type R gives the driver as much of a feeling of speed when sitting in it as the exterior does to look at it. Equally as smooth, the interior boasts beautifully soft curves, a 7.0 in touchscreen fills the dashboard and sharp looking but comfortable bucket seats fill out the front while the rear has comfortable seats with ample space and leg room that goes far beyond the offerings of its competitors. The ergonomics inside the Type R have everything flowing and falling into hand easily.

The Civic Type R also comes with three different driving modes to choose from while driving. Comfort and Sport mode are great for every day driving but it’s the +R mode that truly sets this hot hatch apart from its competition, and is where the fun begins.

Honda has added a plethora of features to the 2020 Civic Type R as well. Adaptive cruise control and emergency braking come standard now, along with automatic high beams and adaptive lane control. Another cool feature added is a smartphone based performance data recorder that taps iPhones and Android devices. It will measure your driving performance and track room for improvement.

The Type R also comes stock with an 8 speaker sound system equipped with Bluetooth as well as DAB radio so you can be sure that the music never stops.

The boot has ample space to transport all of life’s necessary things with the rear seats folding down completely flush to open up even more space in this although sporty but also practical hot hatch.

Straight to the point the Honda Civic Type R is the best performing front wheel drive car. Nothing will stop or corner with the same consistency and confidence.

But yet another great reason why you should Buy a Honda Civic Type R is their ability to retain their value. The Honda Civic Type R still remains the most desirable hot hatch on the market today to own.

In closing, the Honda Civic Type R is a vehicle that is purely exciting and fun to drive while maintaining functionality for the every day driver. This is why the Honda Civic Type R leads the pack in the hot hatch category every year.

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