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T&T Honda tires and parts in Calgary

Genuine Honda parts are designed for a perfect fit, and are long lasting. Used or aftermarket parts may cost less but don’t last as long or perform as well.

Tires for all seasons and storage in Calgary

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Seasonal tire storage

If your garage is full or you don’t have a garage, storing off-season tires is a challenge.

Here’s the solution! T&T Honda offers tire storage – and more! We will:

  • Load and unload tires in and out of your car
  • Clean them for you
  • Store them in a fully insured and secure warehouse
  • Keep them in the best possible condition in a climate-controlled facility.

Store your tire set for $129.99 per season (6 months). 

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All-season tires

All-seasons stay on your vehicle year-round so you don’t have to change to summer or winter tires. They perform well in every seasons and are the best option if you don’t want to change your tires twice a year.

We sell and install eight leading brands of all-season. They are Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, Firestone, Continental, Laufenn, Hancock, and Kelly. Other makes can be special ordered.

Prices for all-seasons are as low as $128 per tire, and go to up to $422, plus tax. Installation is extra.

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Winter tires

Winter tires are made with softer rubber and specially molded treads. They move water, melt the top layer of snow or ice, and grip to the road. The design means they are soft in the extreme cold and perform better than all seasons in winter.

We sell top-quality winter brands: Uniroyal, Michelin, Yokohama, and Toyo. We’ll special order a tire if we don’t carry your preferred brand.

Winter tires start at $149 and go to $376, plus tax (installation extra).

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Winter wheel and tire packages

Remember when you learned in school that metals contract and expand? That’s why we recommend switching to steel rims from aluminum in the winter. Steel is a more stable metal. Salt and other chemicals on winter roads won’t rust steel rims. If you see rust, it’s just superficial.

We supply and install steel rims and tires for all Honda models. Prices depend on your model and year. Prices start at $1090 and go up to $2550 per rim and tire. Leading brands include Uniroyal, Michelin, Laufenn, Toyo, and Yokohama.

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Financing up to 24 months

Get a flexible, transparent, and convenient way to pay for your service or parts for up to twenty-four months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to store winter tires in Calgary?

T&T Honda is the best place to store winter tires and summer ones, too. We offer safe storage to protect your tires. They are wrapped and placed in a secure, climate-controlled building.

Where can I dispose of old tires in Calgary?

Bring one set of old tires to us and we will get rid of them responsibly for you. Or you can take them to Calgary’s Throw 'n' Go area of City landfills, where they will be recycled free of charge. At Throw ‘n’ Go, they must go into the cages provided. Please do not leave tires on the ground.

Can you store tires in an outdoor shed?

In Canada, tires should never be stored in an outdoor shed, unheated garage, or outside. The temperatures are too extreme in winter and summer. They need a protective covering. Storage should be in a cool, dry, moderately ventilated indoor location.

How do you prevent flat spots on tires when storing?

Some drivers store their cars for an off-season with the tires on. You might store a sports car in winter, or an SUV or truck in the summer. Doing this can damage tires due to the weight of the vehicle pressing down on the wheels. You can try to prevent flat spots by inflating and checking the pressure once a week. Try to drive your vehicle every two weeks. Or you can put your car on blocks or jacks and take the weight off the tires completely. The next best thing is to place tires in a professional storage facility.

Is it okay to store tires on concrete?

No, don’t store them on concrete, because it may become cold or damp. Put some dry wood or a mat between the tires and concrete. You can store them upright on a rack, hang them on heavy-duty hooks, or store them flat on top of each other.

Should you deflate tires for storage?

No, you don’t need to deflate your tires before storing them. Some people deflate them slightly, and that’s OK. Be sure to inflate them to the correct PSI once they’re back on your vehicle.

How long will tires last before dry rot?

Dry rot can start in about two months if tires are kept outside in harsh weather. A cold building without ventilation can lead to dry rot, too.

Can you leave all-weather tires on all year?

Yes, you can leave all-weathers on year round in Alberta. The all-weather is a cross between the all-season and winter tire. It has the best features of both. They perform really well in the summer and snow. But we still recommend winter tires for the best winter driving. Also, all- weathers aren’t as good as summer tires in heavy rain.

When should I replace my winter tires in Alberta?

Replace your winter set when spring comes. In places like Calgary or Lethbridge spring comes a bit sooner than in Edmonton or Slave Lake. And in High Level you might not be switching out your winter tires until late May.